Shunji Yagyu
shunji yagyu

Shunji Yagyu (1947) has been advising, supporting and coaching our clients over many years. He has made his mark on big names in European manufacturing and "factories of the year". Some of his clients – such as Trumpf, Festool and fischer – have moved into the consulting business themselves. He can draw on more than 40 years of industry experience in different sectors, countries and continents.

After a degree in engineering and a few years as a classic production engineer at what was then General Motors, in the wake of the reorganisation of production processes according to Toyota's just-in-time principle in the 1980s, Shunji Yagyu moved into the Change Management department. His work areas ranged from classic gemba kaizen, to personnel and organisational development issues, to more strategic themes like the organisational design of cooperation between production, development, sales and procurement. Later he worked globally for GM as an internal consultant.

For almost 20 years Shunji Yagyu has been working for renowned companies in Central and Eastern Europe, providing them with support over many years. He possesses outstanding practical competence in hands-on work in the workplace (gemba) as well as a profound theoretical understanding of both the conventional mass production system and the Toyota production and management system, and the underlying mechanisms of each. This means he is especially well equipped to support both mid-size enterprises and large corporations in their change management, to help them develop a specific strategic direction, and to define a company structure that can guarantee sustainable change. Shunji Yagyu's particular focus is always on fundamental principles, thinking and action, and the values system of the synchronous production and management system.

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